Feuling 12mm Oxygen Sensor Front M8 Bagger

12mm 02, grey connector 52 OAL

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12mm 02, grey connector 52 OAL, front M8 bagger 17-22

  • 12mm oygen sensor, grey connector 52 OAL, 4 wire, Twin Cam and Milwaukee Eight Bagger Front

    FEULING oxygen sensors are precision made consisting of a ceramic body made of stabilized zirconium dioxide, surface coated with gas-permeable platinum electrodes and a porous ceramic to aid the prevention of erosion due to contamination and particulates in the exhaust gases.

    An oxygen sensor or commonly called 02 sensor is a device which determines the oxygen content of the exhaust gas by producing a voltage proportional to the amount of oxygen in the exhaust versus the air.

    Oxygen sensors can fail when the sensors ceramic element is exposed to certain types of contaminates such as silicone compounds or even an oil-burning engine can easily foul a sensor. Small amounts of contamination in the gasoline or over-the-counter fuel additives, which are not oxygen sensor safe, can also kill an oxygen sensor.

    Failures can occur instantaneously at the time the contaminant contacts the 02 sensor, causing a dead sensor, or gradually over a period of time. Gradual deterioration results in a slow sensor which does not react as quickly as it should. Slow oxygen sensors can cause a drop in fuel economy of 10-15%, excessive exhaust emissions and poor drivability. Unfortunately, the symptoms of a slow oxygen sensor are not always obvious to the rider unless a major decline in fuel economy is noticed or drivability problems occur.

    Life expectancy of an average oxygen sensor in a properly tuned engine is typical 30,000 - 50,000 miles

    FEULING sensors meet or exceed OE specifications, assembled in the U.S.A.

    Feuling does not recommend tuning beyond stock emissions standards.



    12mm 02, grey connector 52 OAL, front M8 bagger 17-22

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