HP+ ONE PIECE PUSHRODS, Factory and 543 Cam

HP+ 0.165 Wall Thickness, EVO OEM & Feuling 543 Cam

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HP+ 0.165 Wall Thickness, EVO OEM & Feuling 543 Cam

  • Maintain maximum valve lift!

    Eliminate pushrod flex, reduce valve-train harmonics and increase valve lift

    Fixed Length 4130 Chrome moly one piece pushrods with swedged formed ends. Heavy duty 7/16 diameter tube with 0.165 wall thickness, precision concentricity, heat treated with a black oxide finish. Intake and Exhaust pushrods are stock replacement lengths and designed to work with the factory base circle camshaft dimensions. These pushrods work with Feuling® 543 EVO cam grind (Part #1391) and the Factory EVO grind camshaft. Lengths: Front Intake - 11.75, Rear Intake - 11.030, Front Exhaust - 11.315, Rear Exhaust - 11.200

    Quick install pushrods are said to be easier to use, however they cannot compare to a solid pushrod for strength and durability.


    EVO 85-99, 7/16 tube OD, 0.165 Wall, EVO OEM & Feuling 543 Cam (Part #1391)

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